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D. Purcell

Dr. Keren does extraordinary work! She's skilled and intuitive.

M. Chatwood

I have been adjusted by Dr. Keren, as well as taught to adjust by her. She is a remarkable, gifted, insightful, purpose-full chiropractor that liberates neurology, tensions, patterns for optimal expression of ones system, and thus life. I am so fortunate to have experienced her principal and gifts.

E. Geler

Dr Keren is a great Chiro, and she helped me with my back pain when I needed. She is flexible to schedule, and her office was very "Zen" and clean

J. Pollack

Dr.Keren is a wonderful person and chiropractor. Her adjustments are specific and she gives off a strong healing energy that picks me up every time. I highly recommend her for anything you may be suffering from or just to take your life experience to the next level.

J. Jediway

I've had adjustments from many chiros in many towns - and Keren is the best. No doubt. Now in Tampa and do miss her hands!

A.M. Hairston

Dr. Keren was the third Chiro I'd seen and by far the best. She's kind. Warm hearted, and she is great with adjusting my kids as well. When I walk into her office I always feel sloppy and tired. When I leave shortly after I feel refreshed and aligned. She fixed my back from the worst back pain I have ever had and it hasn't returned (this healing has never happened before seeing Dr. Keren) I have suffered back pain all my teenage and adult life. I can't thank her enough for getting me back into the workplace and living a productive lifestyle.